As we know, at this point of time of MCO, all business owners looking for more online payments solutions and alternative steps to move away and get more opportunity to get more sales or customers. How crucial and dependable owners to involve and explore most of it. This is where the solutions came from most IT company to help owners in their business. Now, we are going to look out some of the solutions if they suit your business end or not. Lets find out now!

1. KipleBiz

KipleBiz is one of the payment gateway solutions for consumers, businesses, service providers, and etc. One of the recent products that they offered was 1-Click Payment solutions. These alternative way is good though. How it works is they enable your customer to do online payment via social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram instantly. Without having a website, you can receive orders and make a payment online. Payment acceptable via Credit, Debit, or Online Banking. That’s it! For more information, check out the video on how they actually works on it.

2. Yezza

One of the current trending solution is Yezza. Yezza is a WhatsApp commerce platform which enable you to start selling and manage your WhatsApp business. The plan started from RM37* per month for personal seller. They provide more plans such as Business and Intelligence plan. Some of you might prefer to do via WhatsApp for your business, this will help you further. Check out for more info in their website, they also had a video practically how its works between seller and buyer.

3. PayPal

PayPal is a most popular online payment that has been used all over the world. Its also secured and easy to use among seller and buyer. No hassle on configurations and really 2 mins setup for personal use or business use. Watch the video here on how it works. The only drawback for PayPal that there is no online banking transfer.

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